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Aerospace Education

Civil Air Patrol offers numerous products and programs -- free to members -- in fulfillment of both its Internal (cadets and senior members) and External (educators and students) Aerospace Education Mission.


Civil Air Patrol Aerospace/STEM Education Programs bring over 40 free fun and engaging products and programs to our members and to classrooms throughout the nation. We serve adults and youth in pre-K through 12th grades.


CAP AE offers more than 40 educational products that deliver hundreds of lesson plans to its senior members, cadets, and educator members. Aligned to national academic standards, the lessons cover pre K-12 and beyond and range from a 685-page high school/college textbook to booklets of hands-on activities for the very young learners. Subjects such as rocketry, robotics, flight, space, weather, mathematics, physical science, life science and unmanned aerial systems, are just a few of the amazing areas these lessons cover.


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