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Meeting location and directions

Squadron Meeting Location


We meet at the Kentucky Air National Guard Annex building located at 1101 Grade Lane.


(Please Contact Col Wright first if you plan to visit, we ask that you do not just show up without us knowing you are coming so we can give you more specifics as needed and be expecting you at the gate.)


However this may not show up that well with current info in your GPS or mapping look-ups that may not have been updated.


Due to recent changes in the road and closing of one end of the base, you should not exclusively go by google map images. Ask Col Wright for more specifics if you feel confused or lost.


Use 1101 Grade Lane, and we are just across the street from the base security station in the red Annex building.


When you arrive, pull up to the ANNEX gate (on right side by red brick building ) ONLY if you see someone that is posted there to let you in. Do Not go to the Security gate ( on left) . Someone will only be posted on the gate between 620-655 pm and 840-850 pm. Please arrive at those times or call ahead that you will be late.


If you do not see someone posted, please do not pull up to wait and sit and block the gate. Find a place to pull over at the end of the road and Give Col Wright a call at 502-235-4946  or text him that you are ready to be let in the gate, and we will let you know what to do. Blocking the gate presents a safety and security risk for the base.


Please arrive before the 7 pm Formation time, to be able to be let in the gate without disturbing the meeting schedule.


If you think you will probably arrive after that, contact/text Col Wright for more info before the meeting night so we can make special arrangements. We understand peoples schedules may vary.


We meet every week on Thursday, except some major holidays or when Jefferson County Schools are called off due to inclement weather.


Our meeting time is 1845 (6:45 PM) – 2100 (9:00PM). We ask people to try to arrive between 1820 ( 6:20 pm) and 1840 (6:40 pm) You may drop off your Cadet and return, however see above for gate coverage times.


Again, please contact Col Wright before coming, so we may plan for your arrival and help with any last minute details.


We are happy to have you come visit us.

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